May 28, 2016
7 months and 20 days since
our celebration.
Honour is Acquired by Virtue.
Honour is Acquired by Virtue.
FAMILY is like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions but our roots remain as one.    

Greetings Family,
Thank you for another successful reunion!  Stay tuned for pictures from the 2016 Family Reunion Cookout at the Sandy Creek Park Pavilion in Athens, Georgia.

Although the current reunion committee were thinking about having the reunion every two years, our historians (elders) would like for us to keep it going every year to keep the family together.
So with that said, we are already making plans for 2017 Richie Family Reunion in Seneca,SC and will be reaching out to family members soon.
  Pkease join the family reunion committee and bring fresh ideas for family fun in 2017!

Descendants of Dennis and Loudella
The Richie Family Reunion Cookout
May 28, 2016
Sandy Creek Park Pavilion
400 Bob Holman Rd, Athens, GA 30607
Theme: “K​eeping the Legacy Alive” 
Where is the proposed 2017 Richie Family Reunion location?

North Caroluna
South Carolina
Should the Richie Family Reunion be every two years?

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